Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bread and Stress

So lately, I have been on a kick of baking bread and biscuits and such. Well, really just those two things. The biscuits have been great after I figured out that I need to roll the dough thicker to make better biscuits. My bread on the other hand hasn't been so easy. Why? One loaf I forgot to add the yeast. Another was a store bought package that didn't rasie enough. Then I forgot to let my oven cook longer than the suggested time so some of it was still a little chewy. Then as I went to the grocery store, I grabbed a new package of flour and said today was the day to make it from scratch!  (Not today literally.) So I did and that was the first load of yeastless bread. Then again the second didn't raise and didn't cook through. Well after researching some tips about dealing with yeast and learning some tricks from a friend. Viola! I have made a beautiful loaf of wheat bread!
To top it all off, I only had the first few slices with a little chewy left. So I know how to adjust my baking time better. I know that I need to knead it like I did this time because I felt more air in it as I was kneading it. Lastly, I couldn't believe that I didn't have any trouble slicing it!

This had been a wonderful start to my evening and a great way to take off some of my stress! I think I am going to love bread making!

P.S. Mom know wants to get me a breadmaker but I told her no because I enjoy making it myself too much!!!!

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