Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Day!

Well the flakes are flying so I don't have work today. I even went to bed later than usual in anticipation of sleeping in.....that didn't work. It was 7am when I woke up. I don't consider sleeping 30 minutes to an hour later as sleeping in. So as I watch more flakes fly by, I am thinking of a few things. 1) Should I knit know or later? I just started a new class and need to get rolling on some homework. More homework + less knitting = not so much fun. 2) When I go grocery shopping I need to focus on always picking up a few essentials. Like an onion. I went to make a brown sauce and had no onion. I could walk to the grocery store today but I bet too many people would ask if I need a ride. lol. The grocery store is only a 15-20 minute walk so there is no need for a ride and plus with the snow on the ground, I'd rather just use my feet.

I swear when it snows, I walk MORE. Does that make sense? I guess I don't want to feel trapped?

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