Monday, July 16, 2012

Here's to all things new!

Arkansas. How did it happen? Things just fell in place since I randomly went on a job fair in Little Rock. Have I ever lived there? Nope. Do I know anyone there? I have a college friend that lives about 2.5 hours from where I will be. Are you crazy? Probably.

Many of my friends know that I first moved to eastern Kentucky due to landing a new job and was in the same situation. I didn't know anyone. I had a friend that lived 2 hours away. Why that area again.

Maybe I'm living like a gypsy moving around for jobs BUT I hope that this is the last move!

Well I didn't say that I wasn't nervous because I am. Wouldn't others be if they were in my shoes but I've done it once and will hopefully be fine doing it this time. I look forward to the new school year and teaching new things and putting in some hours and hopefully seeing some results.

Now on to the blog itself. If you've been following me for  little while, you may have noticed some downsizing of posts. I'm not regretting posting anything or trying to delete something from my memory. I'm just trying to start fresh and clean in every aspect of my life.

Here's to many more posts from me! (And thanks to my friend for inspiring me to blog again!)

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