Saturday, July 21, 2012


So here I am! I've been here in Arkansas for a few nights. I'm recovering from a little funk that I managed to pick up either from cleaning material or from the actual cleaning process. My new place is slowly but surely getting put together.

So it went from this.

You may see that there are still boxes in the middle but notice the books and dvds put away.

Here's the kitchen in all it's messy glory. I'm happy to say that after years of not having a toaster, I've used one twice now. What was I thinking about not getting one. Thanks mom!!!

Here is a project that I am working on for the living room. Since I got rid of some furniture I'm now hanging up some pictures. Don't worry Whitesburg folks, I'm buying some new frame to put you all up there too! It'll be a project that I am working on for a while. I'll put up a better picture later.

Oh and thanks to the tenants before me for leaving so many nails in the wall....they are coming in handy.

This is random but it's my first homemade meal in my new place. I made some soup since I wasn't feeling well.

I'm officially stepping up the par in earning credit now through these bad boys. Now I have to get some laundry detergent. I also learned a new word today. What was that? Washateria. The man that installed these told me about the closest Washateria....ahem laundry mat. I guess it's the new "pop" that I have to get used to.

So I had plans of trying to display my basil longer but the Arkansas heat had other plans. I snipped the majority of it today but have another small round still growing. Dang heat! My plants may have to go under my carport. But anyways these last two pictures show that I am making this place home by drying some herbs. My drying dill (which was hanging off the picture) got blasted with some bug spray yesterday so I had to let it go. Sad day.

Well, I just wanted to give you all an update. I'll be putting pictures up of the terrain and about farming later!

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