Thursday, August 30, 2012

Isaac....and I'm not talking about a friend!

So I'm here for a short little post that I have to make some scans for my 6th grade choir kids tomorrow. But first I must say that I had 2 good choir classes with my 7th & 8th graders!!! They are finally settling into the schedule that I want them to and also learning how to deal with me!! lol.

Anyways, once I got home I saw the mess that the rain and wind caused in my yard. It's not bad BUT one huge tree limb has the potential to end up in my bedroom window so cross your fingers it doesn't happen!!!!

Here's my pics from my little amount of storm damage thus far.

Water building up but not really bad.

Some dinky limbs and the water in my neighbor's yard.

The tree limb that has some nasty potential please think happy thoughts about this tree. I really don't want it in my bedroom!

Hey, you finally get to see my backyard!!!! Just a little ponding in the back but again not that bad.

Off to scanning and then some grading!!!!

Peace y'all!!!

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  1. I see some good space for a garden next season! :)