Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Random ramblings from me

So the forever long amounts of Professional Development are almost done for me. As you can tell by the lackluster amount of blogs happening, I've been pretty busy. I've met  and hung out with some new friends, gone to the rodeo, irritated my wrist and worked like crazy in my room! I've been working really hard this year in my classroom. Never like before though. I'm being resourceful and using materials that I own instead of buying new posters and such. I did take pictures of my room earlier last week but I've done some more stuff to it since so you don't get the treat of looking at my classroom just yet.

The room is almost done except for a few little things now I've got to work on the real work....lessons and figuring things out. I'm excited to have a full day in the room tomorrow to square away my syllabus and get my tentative choir schedules in place.

Oh and I can totally use a smartboard now! Yes, that is the highlight of my week. Don't hate on it! lol

I finally went to the thrift-ish mall that we have hear. I'm gonna pick up a night stand for $10 and then stain it to match my other bedroom furniture.

Well this whole waking up early in the morning is killing me. I gotta get used to it again but at least I don't have to set up a slew of pianos in the mornings this year!!!

I think I've rambled on enough for now. Have a good day!!!

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  1. Love to see some pics of your room at school and of your town! :)